Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My drill will be a combination of strength training and something to loosen up the range of motion(16) for a punter. The drill is quite easy and only requires an ankle weight and something to hold onto if necessary. The drill is cut into 3 parts. The first part is to loosen and stretch the muscles in the kicking leg. You simply swing your kicking leg back and fourth in the same way that you would if you were punting the football. Step 2 begins with the foot on the ground and then goes to you quickly extending(15) the foot backwards and then slowly back down to the starting point. Be careful not to medially rotate(14) or laterally rotate(13) the leg because it will work different muscles. Do 3 sets of ten then move onto the last portion of the drill. The last portion starts with the foot on the ground and then goes to flexing the leg up in front of you as quickly as possible and then back to starting position. This drill is tedious and may seem like it doesn't help much but from experience, it will work up a sweat, strengthen those kicking muscles, and you will gain flexibility.

For this exercise do each phase in 3 sets of 10. Unfortunately my video only expresses  one set of 5 for each phase. Do 3 sets of ten then 30 second break and move onto the next phase. If the stress being put on your leg is not high enough, adding an ankle weight could be necessary and intensely increase the pump of the exercise.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Punting a football



Step1- Hands out and pronated(12) with shoulders in flexion(11) and arms horizontally adducted(10) together... ready for the snap and in an athletic tall standing position. Radially deviate(9) your wrist in order to bring hands together on the snap for a catch. Throughout the entire process, the shoulder joint(8) should stay pretty much at the same point.

Step2- Begin with first step towards your kick (which occurs in the Transverse plane(7) and turn the football so the lace are facing up. You can do this by supinating(6) your hands and ulnary deviating(5) your wrists underneath the football.

Step3- Plant the opposite foot than you kick with, hyperextend(4) your kicking leg, plantarflex the foot getting ready for impact. Elevate(3) your arms slightly with the kick and let go of the football over the side of your plant foot (Do not toss the ball up or throw it down).

Step4- Swing the leg up while in plantarflexion(2) and as you are making impact begin to dorsiflex(1)  the foot for a minor increase in power. Use both hands as leverage and balance to max power.